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AKQA and Fiat have developed eco:Drive.
A motor and technology first for linking drivers with in-car diagnostics - improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

eco:Drive is the very latest in digital integrated technology. It is an easy-to-use computer application that connects your car to your PC. Using cutting-edge analytic software, eco:Drive dissects and evaluates your driving style and shows you ways to cut down on fuel consumption, reducing your CO2 emissions and saving you money.
How it works:

Your driving data (in-car diagnostic information) is transferred from your Fiat to your computer, by means of a USB stick and Fiat's Blue&MeTM technology. The eco:Drive application on your computer analyses your acceleration, deceleration, gear changes and speed. It then awards you a mark out of 100, according to how efficiently you have driven. Step-by-step tutorials then help you improve your score, giving you practical advice on how to perfect your driving style, using information from your own journeys.
Lorenzo Sistino, Fiat Automobiles CEO,
speaking at the Paris Motor Show, commented,

"eco:Drive is also the first step of a revolution; in fact, for the first time ever, a standard vehicle is connected with a PC and with the Web. It is also an innovative technology, but with an important social and educational objective: this is the first time that an automotive brand has launched an interactive technology that helps its customers improve their style of driving in order to save and to respect the environment."